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Women in Horror Recognition Month! Whoo!**

So Women in Horror Recognition Month has a new website. It looks so damned awesome, guys, I can't even. So proud of this little movement. And beyond thrilled that the feminist message has not been obscured but is actually more prominent! hannahneurotica is hardcore but you never know what will come out of something like this.

Anyway, it's awesome and slick and professional and, guys! It's so big! :D In 2009 I made a post about it right here in this very journal (after rhoda_rants brought it to my attention IIRC) and hannahneurotica followed the clicks back here and yay! She's such an amazing woman, really. She's been a really positive and transformative influence on my life and I don't think she even knows it.

So there it is. A gorgeous new site.

I requested a seal for a second Iron Maidens anthology, this one horror based and - ideally - focusing more on women writers (in keeping with the theme of the movement and all) I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I have high hopes.

Now I have to sleep. I think I've been up for thirty straight hours :/

**Yeah, its the same icon I used at rejectedrefuse for the same announcement. But that's because it's perfect!
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