August 12th, 2012

Death is Easy

You can help me out!

As it says in this entry at my writing journal (rejectedrefuse for those not friends with me there), I entered a writing competition and you can help me win! My story Do Not Trust the Gilded Tentacle on the 4th of July is eligible for the title Most Wicked. Listen to the second audio file here and then vote! You do that by sending an email to

As I said at my facebook fan page, I made a lot of Lovecraft references. The first person to tell me how many and what they are gets a copy of one of my anthologies! Sweet, no?

Anyway. Go vote! Help me win! I would not be adverse to others helping me promote this, for what it's worth. And you have until September 13th to vote so expect me to write a couple reminders between now and then :P
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